Frutexsa | Chile's Leader in dried Fruits and Nuts - Prunes from Chile , Walnuts from Chile , Raisins from Chile , Almonds from Chile
Prunes from Chile , Raisins from Chile , Walnuts from Chile , Almonds from Chile , Chile's Leader in Dried Fruits and Nuts , dried , nuts , fruits , prunes , raisins ,
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 We Produce

More than 600 hectares of own orchards

together with long time associated producers ensure our fruit is grown with highest standards worldwide.

We Process

We own 3 state-of-the-art processing plants with

highest end technology and the most strict

international food safety certifications

We Export

Reaching every corner in the world,

building longterm relationships and

being the reliable partner that your

company has been looking for

Meet our Company
Frutexsa is the largest exporter of dried fruits and nuts from Chile, established as one of the most relevant organizations of the national agricultural industry and also as a relevant actor in the dried fruit market worldwide.
With over 30 years of history Frutexsa has succeeded in delivering excellence and quality to different parts of the world on each shipment.
Prunes, raisins, walnuts and almonds among other products are carefully selected  and processed with the highest quality standards, thus ensuring compliance with the commitment, security and confidence that every partner around the world expects from Frutexsa

Our Products

We produce, process and export Prunes , Walnuts , Raisins and Almonds in all of their sizes and varieties. Always of the highest quality packed 10kg cartons , bags and retail packaging.


Our Processing Plants

We own three processing plants , all of them BRC 7 AA certified. We work with the highest technologies in order to be cost efficient in our processes always guaranteeing the quality and food safety that Frutexsa has delivered to our business partners around the world for the last 3 decades.

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Our Orchards

More than 600 hectares of own orchards of Walnuts , Prunes and Grape Vines located in the central south area of Chile on the privileged farming area between the  Maipo and Colchagua valleys. All our orchards are Global Gap certified.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further enquiry :
Frutas de Exportacion SpA (Head Office)
Avenida Luis Pasteur 5280 of. 403
Vitacura – Santiago
7630226 -Chile
PH +56-2-28296000
Planta Procesadora Frutexsa
Bajos de Matte 3385 Buin – RM
PH +56-2-28220030
Frutexsa Raisins
La Palma 400 , Calle Larga , V Region
PH +56-34-2461040

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