Frutexsa | About the company
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Meet our Company.
Frutexsa is the largest exporter of dried fruits and nuts from Chile, established as one of the most relevant organizations of the national agricultural industry and also as a relevant actor in the dried fruit market worldwide.
With over 30 years of history Frutexsa has succeeded in delivering excellence and quality to different parts of the world on each shipment.
Prunes , raisins , walnuts and almonds among other products are carefully selected and processed with the highest quality standard , thus ensuring compliance with the commitment, security and confidence that every partner around the world expects from Frutexsa
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Our Commitment with Quality

The quality in each of Frutexsa’s products is one of the characteristics of its commitment to all our business partners around the world.

Through continuous training processes, procedure reviewing , equipment calibration and full product traceability, together with a firm adherence to the regulations and certification requirements and  major ongoing investment in technology and equipment, Frutexsa ensures the quality of its fruits and products to bring the best of our land to every continent.

Our Mission

“Being the leader on the field, through the incorporation of technology, and quality management systems for continuous improvement of our processes, while maintaining excellence in each one of our products and a basis of trust with each partner”